Weekly Reflective Response #1

This week in AP Biology, we learned about Standard Error, Standard Deviation (both of which were entirely new to me), we also went more in depth into evolution which I had gained a brief understanding of in Biology freshman year. What was really cool to me was the Evolution. I have never found equations to be fun, so I have defiantly enjoyed the natural selection aspect of this week more. malaria-blood(Malaria cells in human blood)

I have always wondered why it was such a huge deal to finish a prescription even after you feel better. When I had strep a couple of years ago, I lost my bottle antibiotics. After a few days, I began to feel the sore thought again even though I thought that it had fully gone. My parents and doctor told me that it was actually a big deal to finish out the prescription no matter what, and until this week I never understood why. The issue with prescription drugs is that they cause natural selection inside of the human body. While a person is taking prescription, they are killing off the weakest of the virus first, then finishing off killing the highest immune cells of the virus. What I had done was kill the weakest cells of the virus, leaving only the stronger to reproduce. As the stronger cells multiply, all of the new cells have a stronger tolerance then before which would make it harder to kill off than before. luckily for me, I found the bottle soon enough and finished it off before the virus had developed any further. This is the same issue that happens with much worse illnesses sickle cell anemia, and that is when the issue can become bigger than just one person.

Image result for why is it so important to finish a course of antibiotics chart (http://reliawire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/antibiotics-Rosemary-Lester.jpg)

I have come to a conclusion this week that antibiotics should only be used when really truly needed, people, and modern medicine are causing issue in the world because we feel the need to take pills for EVERYTHING. Natural selection has definitely been a good thing in the world, allowing organisms to live anywhere possible. The only issue with natural selection is that it allows everything to adapt, that includes disease.


One thought on “Weekly Reflective Response #1

  1. owenjon000 says:

    I like that personal anecdote. That was something that took me a little while to understand too, how antibiotics can actually make a bacterial infection worse if you don’t take a full treatment. Side note though – you can’t take antibiotics for viruses. You can get a vaccine, or you can treat them with other ways (ex. HIV can be treated with antiretrovirals) but antibiotics only work on bacteria.


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